Project Descriptions

Posted by Isaac Rowe on February 10, 2017

Awesome Inc U (2015)

Role: Lead Developer
Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, Jekyll, Project development

As a development intern at Awesome Inc, I was responsible for the relaunch of the main site for their programming school, Awesome Inc U. Under the mentorship of Awesome Inc co-founder, Nick Such, I created page layouts using Bootstrap. I then modified, created, and streamlined the site content to meet the needs of users, and used Jekyll to connect the content to the layouts. Throughout the process, I used git version control and other software project management techniques. Since the project, there have been many additions and updates by later interns, but my layouts and project structure remains the backbone, and I still am listed as the top contributor by additions and deletions on the Github repository for the project.

deMYSTIFIED (2016)

Role: Writer and host
Skills: Writing, Researching, Storyboarding

A friend and I were looking for a project to pursue our interests and hone skills outside of school. He is very interested in video production, and like me, he is fascinated by technology. We decided to start a video series devoted to explaining, to a completely uninitiated audience, complex and controversial topics in a simple and entertaining way. I wrote and edited the scripts for all the episodes that have been released, and my friend was responsible for the production. Together we hosted the show, which we deemed deMYSTIFIED.


Role: Founder and CEO
Skills: Entrepreneurship, business management, prototyping, team-building public speaking

As part of Lexington, KY's installation of Startup Weekend, an international entrepreneurship competition, I pitched a company that uses leverages a candidate's non-traditional learning on online platforms such as Udemy to connect them with employers. In one weekend, my team, which consisted of two other people who supported my idea, created a mockup and prototype of our service, and developed a business model and user stories. We also received personal mentorship from the UP Global CEO at the time, Marc Nager. In the final demo and pitch, judged by local entrepreneurs, our team placed first. My teammates have since moved to other parts of the country pursuing their dreams, but I still plan to develop a working version of JobTrack in the future, as I still stand behind it as an idea.